This is Chiefly Sounds.

Hi, my name is Lachlan Wyllie.

Welcome to Chiefly Sounds. This is my attempt at creating a bonafide blog, filled with some of the very best independent, eclectic and/or experimental music that this fine country, Australia, is home to. Back in mid-2014 I created a blog called Lachlan is Stoked, which was basically my attempt at building a writing portfolio, but ended up just being a link to external articles accompanied by rambling introductions. I’ll be keeping Lachlan is Stoked up for my comedy-and-other writing material, and likewise will focus exclusively on music here at Chiefly Sounds. So that’s the backstory, now why on earth would you want to read this blog once, let alone regularly?

Well, if it helps, this isn’t the first time I’ve written intentionally.
I’m a serial contributor over at Aus-and-abroad music site Happy, and have previously written such superfluous lines as:

Jessica Simpson [is] a terrible name to say if you have a lisp.
Introducing: Silver Statues

As I ambled down Oxford St, passing the various music venues turned bars and bars turned music venues…
Millions – Max Relax

One of these days Elysium will become a real thing, but instead of being inhabited by the wealthy and unrealistically attractive, I choose to believe that it will be comprised of those who create…
Introducing: The Away Days

and somehow actually related it to these poor, subjected artists’ music. I’ve also written a number of music articles for Lachlan is Stoked, such as my infamous one sentence gig reviews:

The fragility of Spookyland’s music is established by frontman Marcus Gordon’s splintered voice, recalling stories of heartbreak, weakness and indecision, driven by a sturdy backing of contemporary Americana folk rock.
One Sentence Gig Reviews pt. 2 – D.D Dumbo, Spookyland, The Ruminaters

Or that time I reviewed Tim Fitz’ EP and it somehow turned into a mystery caper:

[My eye was] drawn towards an email from Bandcamp informing me that Mr Fitz had indeed just popped up some new tunes. ‘The game’s afoot!’, I exclaimed, raising a solitary index finger in the air. I may have been in the bath at the time – it doesn’t matter.
Tim Fitz – Goodhearts EP

I enjoyed writing these little independent articles, but found it to be slightly misplaced in a sea of, *shudder*… external links. Thus, Chiefly Sounds.

So this is a blog, and you should enjoy it.

Before I wrap up this Hello World post, I think it appropriate to mention the blogs and bloggers that I love, that cover similar musical ground to me, or that I just think are so dog-gamn hard working they deserve to be mentioned in some as-yet obscure wordpress site.

Sound Doctrine
If music blogging is a no-carbs diet, then Sound Doctrine is my kale… or something. Run by super dude and record labeller Tommy Faith, his music selections are always on point. Coupled with bizarre, esoteric introductions, descriptions and odd narrative interplay, Tommy’s blog has always been one of the most interesting to me, as it is such a well-crafted example of this man’s desire to have as much familiarity and personality funneled into a bit of text on a website as possible.

This one goes without saying, but I’m saying it anyway. Happy is the first of hopefully many music websites that I have contributed for, and with it’s indeterminately sized team of volunteer writers, it’s like a cabbage patch for budding wordsmiths and wordsmithesses alike. Covering eclectic, but always excellent, music territory from around Australia and abroad, Happy can publish an article about Seekae one day and a small funk group from Marrickville the next. It’s wonderfully diverse, and a site that I intend to write for for a good time yet.

Soundly Sounds
The amount of local music reviews that Ryan Saar produces makes me wonder if this guy has carpal tunnel syndrome. At just 18, he’s got a better idea of what he wants to make for himself than most 18 year olds do (myself included), and as well as landing himself a well-earned presenter gig for FBi Radio’s Sydney program The Bridge, he writes prolifically into eternity with a humour and charm that’s as grounded in Aussie culture as goon bags and asking ‘what are the cheapest cigarretes you have’ at Coles.

Indie Shuffle
Can you feel that? We just took a quantum leap from small, independent blogs to a much, MUCH larger one, and definitely not one that would need a boost from ol’ Wyllie. Nonetheless, despite it’s significant standing in the music blogging world, Indie Shuffle never forgets the little guys, constantly introducing you to new music from both bands that are well established and groups that have only a debut single to their name. The sway that a site like Indie Shuffle has on careers of both Australian and International musicians and the delicacy with which this sway is employed makes Indie Shuffle a site that is consistently doing a service to music makers and fans alike.

To change gears and conclude what hasn’t been – at least in the last 400 words or so – a particularly self-serving introduction, I implore you to like Chiefly Sounds on facebook, and keep up with my various digital scribbles on twitter. (Note: the facebook link directs you to my local music show, The Flip Side, which is ending in early February. I’m changing the name and content of said page to Chiefly Sounds after this occurs. The confusion is palpable, I’m fully aware).

Good on you for reading through all this tripe. I hope we can get down to some independent, experimental, eclectic, and wonderful music together.

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