Adrian Asher – All Good

Being a man who resides on an island off the Northern Beaches of Sydney, it’s not a mental leap to imagine that the music of rapper Adrian Asher isn’t exactly straight up-and-down, genre-abiding fodder. Quite the contrary – Asher’s hip hop is a watery, hallucinatory trip down the rabbit hole, marked by his Kendrick Lamar-esque flow, surreal lyricism and tailored, off-center beats.

Taken from Ghost in the Intro, his forthcoming debut mixtape, All Good is a journey of the mind, body and spirit. Set into motion with a lounge-style Double Bassline, from the moment Asher starts rhyming, there’s a present contrast within the track that urges you as the listener to listen more closely. Waltzing around the beat, Asher never quite stays within a regimental 4/4 structure, and as electronic elements slowly come into focus, there’s a noticeable shift from the playful, jazzy arrangement to a more cavernous, synthetic sound.

Though Asher is lyrically fire twirling throughout the song, there’s room to improve in terms of decipherability as a good chunk of his raps are buried somewhere between the phased vocal effects and that silky, rapid flow of his. We all heard the line ‘Here Comes Christmas’, though, there’s absolutely no question about that.

Production-wise, this song achieves a lot with what it’s got, only using a handful of noticeable sounds and instruments throughout the track. Ending up in a completely different place to where it begins, All Good rewards multiple listens as the aforementioned rabbit hole tosses around and digests the listener in a fashion reminiscent of Flying Lotus.

I’m really excited to hear future releases from Adrian Asher, because on All Good, and many other songs you can stream and download on his soundcloud, he triumphantly waves his freak flag and crafts music that’s as unique and curious as the island he resides on.

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