KNDL – Twitch

It’s a digital bank robbery in the heart of London; the year is 2148. The criminals are sophisticated, intelligent, and adorned with high-tech gadgets to aid their communication, and security violations. $40,000,000 is at stake here, and as the band of crooks each individually make their way into the heavily monitored building, an electronic producer in Melbourne sits and watches the unedited footage from this feature film, attentively composing a piece to soundtrack this futuristic heist.

If you told me that was how Twitch, a track by Melbourne producer KNDL, was created, I wouldn’t have questioned you for a second. There’s something really special going on in the music created by Jesse Kendal that offers a carefully crafted alternative to the increasingly oversaturated world of electronic music. As with all producers, there are distinct hallmarks of KNDL’s tunes that give him a signature sound: these include shimmering, in-and-out of focus pads, ethereal vocal samples, deep percussive bass, and of course, those glitchy percussion lines.

Of the tunes that he’s put up on his soundcloud (which he seems to be adding to every other week!), Twitch is the best example of Jesse’s work so far. It’s a moody cut that shimmies and stutters, and each change in texture leads to a wonderfully contrasting atmosphere that conjures up dense and specific images in the mind of the listener. I’ve already mentioned the percussion lines in Jesse’s work, but it bears repeating; the attention to detail given to every single clatter, clash and rattle in this track is simply astounding, and further demonstrates that his music is not one of carelessness, but one of pronounced craftsmanship.

I don’t know about you, but I’m keeping a close eye on KNDL this year. The burgeoning talent demonstrated through Jesse Kendal’s music so far puts him on a trajectory that may well make him one of the key trendsetters in 2015.

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