Samuel Dobson – Coda…

You might not know it from the opulent orchestral arrangement in the opening moments of Coda, but Samuel Dobson is a rapper, and though this fusion of symphonic sounds and rapping is completely new territory for the subgenre, this is indeed Aussie Hip Hop. Yes, the same genre that’s as dichotomising as it is currently thriving has now got another reason to expand it’s Wikipedia page. Formerly known as Shazza T, Samuel Dobson’s latest single marks a distinct change in musical direction as a platform for his poetry, drawing focus towards his vivid and emotive lyricism.

Whilst the accompanying instrumental is completely unlike the current trends in Hip Hop, Dobson’s flow is pleasantly familiar, his years of storytelling experience shining through on Coda. An insight into some of his darker moments, there’s not a single throwaway lyric in this track, with lines like ‘I’m tailspinning on failed wings and gale winds / the deal’s done and I fucked up, I’m nailed in’ demonstrating Samuel’s aptitude for accomplished storytelling. Instrumental flourishes throughout Coda keep this orchestral backing from touching the realms of novelty, the jazzy piano breaks, violin hooks and pizzicato strings all employed discerningly.

Already one of the more intriguing releases to come out of Sydney this year, Samuel Dobson’s Coda is just a single track from an entire album of orchestral hip hop that’s one successful Pozible campaign away from release. If you’re a legendface, go contribute to see this album released and to see more of Sam’s captivating storytelling heard by a wider audience.

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