Southes – Water

Southes. writes his name with a period, much like Chiefly Sounds. does. Now, I’m aware that grammar nerds will be losing their minds right now, but Southes. and Chiefly Sounds. are goddamn linguistic pioneers and we won’t let something as simple as the fundamentals of syntax stand in our way. The mutual admiration stops there, however, as I have no stirring electronica releases to boast of, wheras Melbournian Lachie Anthony, well, he most certainly does. Taken from his debut EP tidal. which is due for release this week (!!!), Water’s considered production and immersive vocal work makes for a stunning track that reaches deep into your soul and plucks at your heartstrings. Presenting a voice like the venerated lovechild of Jònsi and Justin Vernon, listening to Lachie’s vocals on Water is an otherworldly experience, his stylish falsetto hitting that near-insurmountable range where many vocalists strive towards, but few reach. With simplistically emotive lyrics peppered throughout, Southes.’ track Water is a swelling debut that has more than enough dramatic appeal and contemporary production work to land on an indie flick soundtrack in 2015, but the pronounced songwriting potential to go much, much farther.

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