Bliss Fool – Excuses (ft. Lara King)

The quality of the bedroom producer was always bound to skyrocket with the steady advancement of home recording and music composition technology, but back in the land before time before macbooks, where everyone wore drab shirts, wireframe glasses and seemed to enjoy office humour unironically, none of us could have anticipated how good it was going to get.

When Charlie Gradon previewed Excuses (ft. Lara King) to me, I was at once delighted and confounded. Delighted because… well, just listen to the Soundcloud embed below; if you still have questions, email me. And confounded because I realised that I was chatting with someone who was, if not already proficient, had begun to make meaningful contributions to the fields of folk, rock, psychadelica with his other projects, and now could add electronica to his laundry list of well-crafted genre ventures. His bedroom music made all the time I spent in my bedroom most likely educating others on the internet about the dangers of going outside seem like wasted hours.

Excuses ft. Lara King has a few strings to its bow that makes this electronica release as sturdy as the fabled (but as yet, unproven) cafe table that doesn’t wobble underneath the weight of food being placed on it. The vocals, chopped and changed and scattered within the piece are discerningly employed, Lara King’s saccharine harmonies serve to both guide and propel the listener through Bliss Fool’s rich instrumental. Small changes to the percussion, whilst complementary, don’t go unnoticed. Organic wooshes, clacks and tittering hi hats do well to not overstay their welcome.

Gradon has a penchant for creating an improvised atmosphere in his electronica, as demonstrated through his previous work as a member of NOWON, and revisits a similar vivid production quality here. The addition of memorable instrumental flourishes and hooks in future works will work wonders for Bliss Fool as he finds his footing as an artist, but Excuses is already demonstrating a considered sound that had got me on board with future releases.

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