PREMIERE: Samuel Dobson – Who You Run With?

921_162794077199882_2031145388_nI’m not sure that this blog has been around (or active) for long enough to justify a callback, but I came across Samuel Dobson’s music a few months back, stating that Aussie Hip Hop ‘has got another reason to expand its Wikipedia page’. I stand by that line, not only because I refuse to learn how to edit previous articles, but also because Sam Dobson has solidified my argument with his 2nd single Who You Run With? If Coda was the necessary introduction to Sam’s orchestral hip hop, then Who You Run With? is the project really testing its limbs, as it tells stories without the pretence of having to sell itself. Dobson weaves effortlessly through the reflective instrumental, relaying the innermost thoughts of our protagonist and fleshing out moments of instability with the precision of a slam poet. With careening string movements sighing beneath him, Samuel commandeers the contrast between the orchestral backing and his tale of urban grit. One of the scenes in what will be a full concept album centred around a meth dealer’s final 24 hours, Who You Run With is the second taste of Samuel’s forthcoming debut album, coming out late this year. Check out Samuel Dobson on Facebook

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