SHRT RVWZ: Beirut – No No No

Entire bands have formed, broken up, reformed and changed their sound in the four years since Beirut’s last album, but Santa Fe native and band frontman Zach Condon seems completely unfazed by the frantic urgency of the industry around him, and it shows in his music. No No No is at once Beirut at their most mature and their most luminous; Condon has developed into a commanding songwriter, an upbeat confidence pervading each note he sings and plays. Written and recorded during a winter, both meteorologically and emotionally speaking, No No No is a summery release that finds comfort in uncertainty, and strength in weakness. Peering through the same indie folk lense that coloured earlier Beirut albums, the sextet’s familiar piano-based songwriting is in full flight on No No No, accompanied by harmonious vocal choruses, mid-tempo percussion and the occasional brass earworm.

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