SHRT RVWZ: Skegss – 50 Push Ups For A Dollar

Byron Bay outfit Skegss are an obvious choice for Dune Rat’s first record label signing – the two acts both share a love of simplistic surf rock laced with primal lyrics and hooky guitar lines. Though their songwriting approach is a little rougher around the edges than that of their QLD contemporaries, Skeggs’ debut EP successfully introduces the trio as a crew of loud, charming roustabouts that seek only to fulfill their fundamental desires (to eat, to have fun, to find love). Though it’s not likely to inspire essay-length thinkpieces anytime soon, 50 Push Ups For A Dollar is a persuasive first offering, that, even when light on the instrumental intricacy, is heavy on the charisma, and Skegss execute that charisma exceptionally well.

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