PREMIERE: Kristafor Farrenkothen – High Above Me

11046645_855324321228558_7529293479412131500_nIf you google ‘songs for the summer’, you’ll find a host of articles full of perplexing pop compilations, all intent on becoming your go-to playlist for #max #summertime #vibes. Generally speaking, it’s a bit muddled; the apparent ethos of ‘good times all the time’ of Summer being broad enough to apply to the majority of the Billboard Hot 100.

Kristafor Farrenkothen isn’t writing songs for the summer. His measured guitar recordings are tailor-made for that inevitable winter to come, both meteorologically and emotionally speaking. ‘High Above Me’ sees Kris bring a wider palette of instrumentation to his centrally acoustic songwriting, tactfully gilding his songs with glacial synths, hovering string pads and a Justin Vernon-approved vocoder. Shades of Dustin Tebbutt come through in Farrenkothen’s vocal performance, and Kris demonstrates discernment in his reflections on love, capturing moments of surprising intimacy throughout the track.

Winter playlists might not be a thing, at least not yet, but I’m bookmarking ‘High Above Me’ for when they do. In the meantime, have a listen below:

High Above Me is out on Friday, 18th December

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