Kick-starting with a burst of barrelling guitars, BATS – the debut single by new kids on the block RACKETT – swaggers confidently into your ears, ready to make win you over in the first few seconds. At just two minutes thirty, it’s a puncturing debut from the group, and a fuzz-fueled inversion of modern femininity to boot!

Just imagine these hairy guitars and frontwoman Bec Callander’s bags-of-character vocals soundtracking a 80’s slasher flick. Y’know, the type best watched on VHS, where a gaggle of sexy co-eds on spring break meet a doom even worse than starring in Pirahna 3D.

The members of RACKETT (who only formed this year) have collectively been involved with a number of superb underground Sydney acts, including She Rex, Baby Lips & The Silhouettes, Bec and Ben, Fait Accompli and others bands, all of which are well worth your time. The breadth of four piece’s shared experience making great music does a lot to explain why BATS sounds like a pop-punk gem, feels like a three-course meal, and looks like a very promising start for this four piece.

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