Alex Lahey – Wes Anderson

It took less than three tracks for Alex Lahey to win myself, and most of you, over. Previous singles ‘Air Mail’, ‘You Don’t Think You Like People Like Me’ and ‘Let’s Go Out’ are ascending examples of feelings-based guitar pop, each song leaner and more studied than the previous.

B-Grade University, Lahey’s first EP, is a winning debut. Take the latter two singles from the last paragraph, throw in the Courtney Barnett-esque cease-and-desist of ‘L-L-L-Leave Me Alone’, opening track ‘Ivy League’s longing guitar pop lamentations, and the emotional crux, ‘Wes Anderson’ in the centre, and this five-tracker winds up being a cogent listen from the Melbourne guitarist.

The real standout here of this triad, however, is the release’s mid-point ’Wes Anderson’. In an EP full of tight, honed-in indie rock, Wes is a confident step back from the hooks, pulling the camera out for a wider shot of Alex Lahey’s articulated twentysomething perspective. This break from the earworms directs your attention to Lahey’s pointed, emotive lines.

But the real kick of ‘Wes Anderson’ is how, like a room gradually filling up with water, the song relentlessly builds – in emotion, in sincerity, in dynamics – to a beautiful climax in the last minute. You’re swept up in a brief moment where Lahey pours out her heart for a lover, singing ‘You’re on my mind and you’re all mine / You’re the best sleep that I’ve ever had’. It’s a moment of genuine tenderheartedness that’s hard not to get lost in. And like that, this no-hook, not-made-for-jjj-rotation EP track makes whole lotta of sense.

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Side note: I haven’t watched any Wes Anderson films and decided against making a trite reference above, but if his movies are half as good as this song, I’ll be adding The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou to my Netflix queue when I get home tonight.

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