Bilby – Stingray

Sydney solo act Bilby (aka Blinky Trill aka Harry Moxham) has likely already popped up in your field of view a few times. You might have seen his clever Courtney Barnett-parodying tour poster, ‘Sometimes I smoke and drink, and sometimes I just smoke’, his previous EPs comprising bright and characteristic bedroom pop, or you could have caught him performing around Sydney, often in the company of heavier rock bands.

The first time I saw Bilby, it was supporting grunge stalwarts Little Horn at The Marly. Not only was the contrast between the two acts completely disarming, but the connection made perfect sense. Just like Little Horn, and many, many hitters in the local punk scene, Moxham writes from the heart. And yes, sometimes that heart’s set on Champion Ruby tobacco, rap money, fame and bitches.

Stingray is one of the more downtempo efforts from Bilby, and one of the most cleanly produced too. Over a swirling guitar instrumental, Harry wrestles with the frustration and monotony of modern life, as well as those people out there that make that ‘feeling shit feeling just much harder. His anger shines through in the chorus (‘always getting stepped on like a stingray / bottom feeder either way’). Combined with the resigned beat, it’s a different sort of single from Bilbs, but one that further shows his developing writing skills apart from the jauntiness of previous efforts.

‘Stingray’ taken from Bilby’s mixtape ‘Botanicals’ out October 7 thru Yes Rave, a great new label run by artist/producer/genius oddball Simo Soo.

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