PREMIERE: Monday Tones – Feelin’ Good

unnamedSo, you might not have heard of Sydney’s Brendon Moon just yet, but it’s simply a matter of time before his name starts cropping up all over. The Inner West singer-songwriter has been grinding away for a few years now, developing his craft to a point of personal refinement. His latest single, ‘Girl‘, was an underrated favourite of mine last year, to be sure.

When he’s not breaking hearts with his picturesque indie folk, Brendon’s exploring his college-rock leanings from the comfort of his bedroom with his new project, Monday Tones. Moon’s first offering under this moniker, ‘I Can Tell’, came out back in late 2015 – a delightful companion piece to the worst parts of your twenties, whilst sounding like the best parts. With that grungy guitar tone and nostalgic backing vocals, the song’s something of an insta-classic. Sure, it came out over a year ago by this point, but it definitely couldn’t hurt to chuck it in your #Summer2k17 playlist.

But in spite of this blog’s problems with regularity, we’re not here to catch up on music from 2015. Brendon dropped me a line last week with a link to his newie, ‘Feelin’ Good’, which I’m pretty chuffed to be premiering below.

With almost 14 months of time between the two songs, ‘Feelin’ Good’ picks up where ‘I Can Tell’ left off. It’s a class-skipping, breezy slice of bedroom rock that’s as feel good as the title suggests. Brendon brings a carefree vocal performance to the track, which folds nicely into a heavier chorus that wears a love of alt-rock on its sleeve with its driving bassline.

Monday Tones are writing their Debut EP right now, so keep an ear out for more music from Brendon Moon this year. It’ll be well worth looking out for.

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