Space Monk


One of the better-kept secrets of Sydney’s music scene, indie rockers Space Monk are beginning to turn heads with their jangly garage pop and polished

You know when you were a kid and you got one of those rubber tops that was like a ball sliced in half, and then you turned it inside out and put it down on the table and waited for it to pop up in the air? That’s what’s this song is. Heaps of anticipation building toward a delightful pop.

Space Monk is a good idea borne out of a love for indie rock. Their early demos showing off budding songwriting talents with a flair for dynamic indie rock,  sun-bleached vocals. Add to this their gratifyingly energetic live shows peppered with eccentric and oftentimes hilarious stage banter, and there’s every reason to follow Space Monk as they continue their journey from the bedroom to the (incrementally larger) stages.